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The power of great products:

We’ve formed alliances with a variety of leading industry suppliers. That means when we show up at your jobsite, you can rest assurred that the products we install are every bit as reliable as the service we provide. Talk about a win-win situation.

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    Maintaining wireless sites and wire lines at reliable levels depends on reliable batteries, so we supply a variety of reserve power batteries from VLA and VRLA to Ni-Cad and LI-ION products. We work with several manufactures, including East Penn, Saft, Fiamm, Northstar, GNB and more.

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    Critical Power

    Providing critical power requires having a reliable secondary source of energy in case the primary source fails, which, typically, is provided via generator. So we work with leading manufacturers like MTU Energy, Generac and Onan Cummins to deliver diesel, natural gas or propane applications. 

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    Our renewable products are as hard-working and efficient as the sun and wind they draw their power from. We specialize in the design, application, installation and maintenance of all kinds of different systems — each tailored to meet the needs of every client to provide a dependable, green solution.

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    We excel in the design and installation of superstructures that support critical networks and data centers of all different sizes — from small to large. To do so, we employ a variety of strut hangers, cable racking systems, etc. to meet the unique needs of every project for each of our clients.

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    Battery Recycling

    We recycle spent batteries (and sometimes pay clients for them) by collecting and transporting them to recovery facilities where materials are used to create new batteries. This includes batteries from cars, golf carts, UPS devices, forklifts and more. We’re also EPA-certified and licensed.

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    Network Integration

    We support service providers and enterprise customers alike by providing network design, integration and optimization of their networks. We’re as adept working with copper, fiber and coax cabling as we are working with Ethernet and optical transmission nodes (LAN and/or WAN.)

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