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Some companies can only tackle one piece of the puzzle, but we can handle all aspects of your critical power project. From engineering, infrastructure and power systems to testing and commissioning. No need to cobble together different vendors and partners. We can handle it all – from start to finish.

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    The linchpin of any uninterruptable power system is a system of batteries – either as a normal source for locations when the grid goes down, or as a primary source of power for locations off the grid (recharged via solar, wind and/or propane generators). We specialize in both.

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    Power Systems

    The reliability of a power system depends on the normal and standby/emergency sources of energy; generators provide reliability to meet critical system needs and provide an alternative source for locations off the grid while complementing solar, wind and/or generator sets.

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    Wireless data communications are essential in today’s world. These systems consists of radios, antennas, processors, power supplies, routers, multiplexors – all of which leverage technologies like GSM, CDMA, TDMA and EDGE. We’re well-versed in all and provide both design and installation.

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    Every communication site and data center is comprised of an infrastructure that provides pathways for high-performance cabling, power and grounding systems. We excel in the design, procurement and installation of various systems – all of which utilize a variety of different supports.

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    Design Build

    We partner as the design and construction contractor with our customers. By doing so, we assume the responsibility of owning the entire design and delivery schedule. Remedies to normal construction and design processes become our responsibility for all of the work done on a project.

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    Energy Efficiency

    The efficiency of any power system is a based on the components, conversion equipment, cables and load. We’re experts in the design and construction of the entire system or network. Reducing the ratio between “energy in,” “verse out” is our primary goal on each and every project.

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    At the risk of stating the obvious, renewable energy is power that’s derived entirely from natural sources. We specialize in solar and wind applications as solutions for primary energy sources (in remote locations) and also as alternative sources of energy for the projects we work on.

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    Often we’re brought in to help provide power for projects that are located in very remote locations, far from the traditional energy grid. In these cases, we leverage our proficiency in solar and wind technologies (with generator backup) to meet the demanding needs of our clients.

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    Testing + commissioning

    We develop and implement techniques and procedures that test every operational component of a system from the source to the load. We use the latest evolution of load banks, resistance and conductance meters, chart recorders, and infrared cameras to fully test and commission to design spec.

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